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Anonymous   Jan 30, 2019
"Did great. Very clean. Helped guide me on my choices on my problem areas"
Stefan   Jan 30, 2019
"He did the most thorough job I've ever seen. I instantly noticed an improvement"
Anonymous   Jan 30, 2019
"Very punctual and upfront about any concerns they had. I'd highly recommend to anyone"
Guillermo Lozano   Jan 30, 2019
"Very professional, honest with much integrity"
Anonymous   Feb 07, 2018
"Very knowledgeable and explained the services well. David was polite and kind about having animals in the way."
Anonymous   Jan 27, 2018
David was here a few minutes earlier than scheduled (much appreciated!) He accounted for noise which might upset the dogs (it didn't), explained the process and was out of here 90 minutes later leaving a clean path behind him. We have already noticed a great difference this morning in that there is no dust after cleaning the house yesterday and the furnace is kicking on less frequently, telling us it is running more efficiently. The mold preventive was an added benefit we didn't know was included but is very comforting. We are going to take advantage of the plan giving us quarterly visits to change filters and added perks!
Polite, Informative, and Efficient
Anonymous   Jan 27, 2018
Polite, informative, and efficient. Vacuumed any mess and left everything like they found it. Will highly recommend.
"Recommend to All"
Alisha Baldwin   Nov 14, 2017
Great people with great service! My ducts were cleaned excellent. He also cleaned my chimney and did an exceptional job. He was also the ONLY person willing to help me out and install a new vent cover. The old one I had was very difficult to remove to put a new filter in. The new one installed has clasps for easy addition and removal of filters. Other places came out and would try a filter grill..of course the sizes they bought didnt fit..I needed a custom fit. They wouldnt be wiling to cut into the ceiling to make one fit. Would definitely use them again and recommend to all.
Most Thorough Job
Stefan   Nov 03, 2017
He did the most thorough job I've ever seen. I instantly noticed an improvement. I couldn't see how anyone could have done better.
Tons of Junk Removed
Denise Robinson   May 01, 2017
Great job and very thorough! Tons if junk removed! Thanks so much.
Air Flow Increased Immediately
Doris Feltham   May 01, 2017
David did a great job cleaning the air ducts if our home. Air flow increased immediately.
Use Them Again and Reccomend
Kellie Campbell Warren   May 01, 2017
Not only did a fantastic job but also was an incredibly nice man. I will use them again and recommend.
Price is Unbeatable
Errikka Gonzalez   May 01, 2017
David did a great job! We called them out because we thought a small animal had died in our duct work. His wife provided excellent customer service over the phone, and talked me through pricing. They were able to work with our busy schedule, and clean our vents at our convenience. The price is unbeatable in this area! David showed us everything he got out of our vents. He answered all of our questions, and gave us some tips to keep our vents cleaner. We truly appreciate their business.
Floor duct cleaning
todf jeffrey   Mar 19, 2017
Extremely professional service! Good communication and clean proficient service. Highly recommended.
Great Price Point
Angela Egeler   Dec 11, 2016
They did a great job! Great price point and we were able to see everything they got out of our vents. They answered all of our questions and showed us things we can do to improve the dust levels in our home. Really appreciative of their business!
Gracielle Magnago   Nov 30, 2016
"David did an amazing job at our home, I definitely recommend his services. It surpassed our expectations!!!!"
Attention to Detail
Derek McCall   Nov 30, 2016
"Better Air Duct Cleaning exceeded my expectations when cleaning my air ducts and dryer vent. As a small business owner myself, I really appreciated the attention to detail including shoe covers, making sure my pets were in the right place so they wouldn't get loose, and explaining in detail what he was doing every step of the way. On top of that the work was quality too. I highly recommend this company."
Professional and Honest
Lisa Smith   Nov 30, 2016
"Better Air Duct Cleaning did an excellent service for us in our home. We hired them to clean the air ducts throughout the house and the clothes dryer vent. It was concerning to see the amount of debris in our air ducts and how it was affecting our air quality. Better Air Duct Cleaning is professional and honest about their services and the customers needs. We inquired with them to complete another service for us and after they inspected was told it was not necessary. They came highly recommended to us and now we will highly recommend them."
Kathryn S.   Nov 30, 2016
"This business was a joy to work with. Very friendly and professional. David did a great job and left no mess. I do appreciate that. We would recommend him to anyone needing ducts cleaned."
"Like He Was Cleaning His Own House"
Robert Lantz   Nov 30, 2016
"We had some water issues in a duct a short time into the Better A D cleaning. The agent suggested getting a plummer and he would come back when the issue was resolved. About 6 weeks later he came back and completed the process. I was very impressed in how thorough and complete a job this individual did on that day. He even identified a couple of issues where air was leaking around the furnace and fixed it. Bottom line, extra service and he didn't cut corners. I thought his attitude was like he was cleaning his own house."
Viki McMillin   Nov 14, 2016
David was great and so clean and neat and respectful of our home. We never use anyone else again!
Kair Ridenhour   Nov 06, 2016
If your air ducts haven't been cleaned in awhile you should do it. It is amazing the amount of "dirt" this service removes! Also, you won't find anyone more professional, honest and friendly than Better Air Duct Cleaning!
Linda Hart   Sep 28, 2016
I highly recommend Better Air Duct Cleaning. David did a superb job in cleaning the ducts at our condo. He went the extra mile in making sure our unit and duct work were cleaned as well as they could possibly be cleaned. He gave me detailed explanations as to a couple areas that we could have fixed to improve efficiency and quality of air flow. He is an honest and kind man who takes pride in his work. I will definitely use them again in the future.
Michael Williams   Aug 08, 2016
At the same day that my downstairs Furnace and AC units were being installed, Better Air Duct Cleaning did both my upstairs and downstairs air ducts. I was impressed with the scheduling of both activities at the same time. David was very good at explaining all that he was doing and took great care to insure my house was secure from insects entering the house while he was cleaning the air ducts. He also secured the equipment that was being used to clean my ducts so additional contaminates would not get in the house. I was very impressed with the amount and different types of contaminates that were collected. I know my air system will perform better and I will be much healthier in the future. Thanks David, I believe this was a good buy and money well spent. Michael Williams, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Highly Recommended
Ryan T.   Jul 14, 2016
Our inside HVAC unit completely died. The previous owners for the 16 years they were here had never done any maintenance, used a filter, or done any cleaning. David was recommended by Air Assurance, who was replacing the inside unit. My duct was similar to a grotesque recreation of the Old West with as much dust, dirt and debris that had accumulated in there... tumbleweeds and all. David came out before the Air Assurance crew that was installing the new inside unit, cleaned out the entire duct, identified a couple of problem areas with the duct structure, and reported those findings directly to Air Assurance to fix them when they came to install the unit. Very professional, very thorough and very pleasant to work with. The air is noticeably cleaner, it's easier to breathe, and I most assuredly recommend David and Better Air Duct Cleaning.
Joy Walker   Jul 12, 2016
David provided excellent customer service. He told me when he would arrive at my house, offered to call if he would be delayed and told me how much it would cost. He was right on time. After he completed the job, he cleaned up after himself and showed me the material he had removed from the duct. He offered to answer any questions I had. Very nice and polite.
Fewer Sinus Problems
Gary Baumgarter   Jun 07, 2016
David was very efficient, professional, and friendly. The quality of air has improved and my wife and I have had fewer sinus problems. Better Air Duct is a dependable service that I would recommend to anyone that maybe is in need of this service. Even though this is a startup, David is very knowledgeable of this industry and has a good drive for success.
Deloy Vaughan   Mar 28, 2016
David was very friendly and got right to work. He answered my questions easily. He was quite thorough and made a better difference in the house.
Superb Service
DOROTHY PERRY   Mar 08, 2016
Better Air Duct Cleaning WERE GREAT. They were very thorough and cleaned up everything when they were done. I was extremely pleased with the service.
Fast Service
Gary Kirby   Mar 08, 2016
Workman stayed and got the job done, and that there was diligence on the part of the workman.

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