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Safety in decreasing dryer vent lint and debris
October 05, 2017

Any average household family will agree with me that they do their laundry at least twice a week. Such regular use of the dryer vent to do laundry is a sufficient reason to ensure that cleaning is often done to reduce too much debris gathering. What is a better way to ensure such optimal operation if not with the help of Better air duct cleaning services? Here is the secret that we all need to know. The more times laundry is done, then the more times you need to clean your dryer vent systems. After all, you reap the benefits of improved efficiency. Debris reduction is a sure way to ensure minimal gas leaks, fire occurrences, and energy use.

The following are some of the ways that one can reduce debris and lint within the dryer vents in between the professional cleaning consultations.

  • The amount of fabric softener used should be on the lower side. Reason being, fabric softeners deposit chemicals and oils on fabrics, and as a result, they become flammable in the dryer. Additionally, the use of dry sheets when drying the clothes should be minimal too. Dry sheets produce too much residue that often clogs the dryer’s lint filter leading to inefficiencies.
  • Between each batch of laundry should be an interval of thirty to forty minutes at the minimum. When you provide for such an allowance, it serves to make certain that there is free circulation of air within the dryer vent. An optimal flow of air is one way of reducing lint and debris accumulation. In the long run, your dryer vent will have a long life and serve you for generations and generations to come. More so with professional services like those of Better air duct cleaning services, the longevity of your dryer vent is a guarantee and a promise at the same time.
  • If possible, hang heavy-duty fabrics such as blankets and pillows on the physical clothing line to dry. Heavy clothes may overload the dryer vent system and reduce the rate of efficiency.
  • For areas that around the lint trap, occasionally clean with the aid of a vacuum to vacate the debris caught in the hidden area. You are safe with Better air duct cleaning services that offer the best dryer vent cleaning in Tulsa.
  • Always ensure that the ventilation opening is covered with a ventilation cap. The reason for the covering is to prevent external materials from entering the vent and blocking the pipes. Additionally, the ventilation cover helps to provide a sufficient medium for the debris to exit. Eventually, the ventilation cover is one way of ensuring adequate airflow transmission.

Every once in a while, one can remove the back of the dryer when they want to vacuum out the lint and debris amassed. However, this should be done if you have the knowledge and the expertise. But why go to all the trouble when Better air duct cleaning services is just a call away? With over twenty years of experience, our mission is to see to it that we bring back the smile on your face after the job is done. Interestingly, we are just a call away.

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