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Chimney Cleaning and Chimney Repair in Tulsa

Wood burning fireplaces offer exceptional heating and ambiance, but much more than smoke goes up the chimney each time you light a fire. Below are some common questions homeowners often have about the cleaning and repair:

How frequently is chimney cleaning needed?

While there is not a set amount of uses that require chimney cleaning in Tulsa, each use can leave creosote behind. The thicker the creosote is, the more dangerous operating your fireplace becomes. This cleaning is also sometimes referred to as a chimney sweep.

What is normally done during a cleaning?

Chimney cleaning Tulsa can remove all types of creosote including the thicker, tar-like occurrences that require additional scrubbing. Soot that has built up is also removed. It is important to ask if surrounding areas will be sealed off to keep them clean during the process.

Are chimney inspections important if there are no visible issues?

Even if you do not frequently use the chimney, an inspection and cleaning can check if any animals have gotten into the space. Working with a certified chimney specialist can also diagnose any issues that require repair.

What are common reasons for chimney repair Tulsa?

A few common reasons you may need chimney repair include cracks in the flue, issues with the brickwork, blockages or concerns with the cap. Due to the complexity of some of these repairs, working with skilled professional can get your chimney operating again safely.

Many of the chimney repairs in Tulsa can appear aesthetic, but are actually instrumental and need to be fixed before you can use the fireplace again. Having regular cleaning and maintenance performed on masonry chimneys keeps them operating so you can enjoy the benefits of a wood-burning fireplace.

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